Focus group programs

Proposed Programs for HIAS 2013 - please be aware that minor changes may still occur prior to the commencement of the symposium
Wed 14:00 - 15:30Nuclear Structure
14:00 Y. Sun Quantum fluctuations in low-lying collective states of deformed nuclei(PDF 55KB)
14:30 T.S. Dinoko Investigation of the collective structures at low and medium spins in the N=90 and 91 Nuclei 158Er and 159Er(PDF 67KB)
14:50 C.M. Petrache Exotic rotations and seniority isomers in Nd nuclei(PDF 67KB)
15:10 K.M. Lynch CRIS: A new method for isomeric beam production(PDF 49KB)
Wed 14:00 - 15:30Nuclear Reactions
14:00 B. Tsang Overview of the experimental constraints on nuclear symmetry energy(PDF 47KB)
14:30 P.R. Fraser Modelling scattering and resonances of weakly-bound radioactive nuclei(PDF 45KB)
14:50 J. Lubian Fusion, transfer and breakup of light weakly bound and halo nuclei at near barrier energies(PDF 40KB)
15:10 E. Prasad Searching the onset of nuclear dissipation in the fusion reactions 16, 18O+194Pt via ER measurements(PDF 144KB)
Wed 14:00 - 15:30AMS, Astrophysics & Accelerator Development/Instrumentation
14:00 A. Dewald The first year of operation of CologneAMS; performance and developments(PDF 59KB)
14:30 P.R.S. Gomes First results from the new 14C-AMS facility (LAC-UFF) at Niteroi, Brazil(PDF 87KB)
14:50 J.O. Fernández Niello 129I dispersion in Argentina(PDF 65KB)
15:10 M. De Cesare Monitoring of environmental samples from the vicinity of a decommissioning nuclear power plant in Italy(PDF 81KB)

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