Focus group programs

Proposed Programs for HIAS 2013 - please be aware that minor changes may still occur prior to the commencement of the symposium
Thurs 14:00 - 15:30Nuclear Structure
14:00 F.G. Kondev Spectroscopy of neutron-deficient nuclei near the Z=82 shell closure via symmetric fusion reactions(PDF 79KB)
14:30 Y. Zhang Euclidean dynamical symmetry in nuclear shape phase transition(PDF 37KB)
14:50 P. Jones Study of 0+ States at iThemba LABS(PDF 77KB)
15:10 M. Aggarwal Prolate non–collective – a rare shape phase in high spin state proton emitters 141-144Ho and 131-135Eu(PDF 76KB)
Thurs 14:00 - 15:50Nuclear Reactions
14:00 R.J. Charity Two-proton decay along isospin bridges(PDF 61KB)
14:30 A. Shrivastava Role of cluster structure of 7Li in the dynamics of fragment capture(PDF 81KB)
14:50 A. Mukherjee Importance of n-stripping process in the 6Li+159Tb reaction at near barrier energies(PDF 89KB)
15:10 P. Figuera Elastic scattering and heavy residue production in the collisions 6, 7Li+64Zn around the coulomb barrier(PDF 78KB)
15:30 M.S. Hussein Coulomb and nuclear breakup at low energies and the scaling law(PDF 188KB)
Thurs 14:00 - 15:50AMS, Astrophysics & Accelerator Development/Instrumentation
14:00 C. Vockenhuber Accelerator-SIMS: technique and astrophysical applications(PDF 41KB)
14:30 M.A.C. Hotchkis Choosing the right stripper gas for AMS and other applications with tandem accelerators at low and medium terminal voltage(PDF 67KB)
14:50 S.J. Fallon Using Radiocarbon in coral skeletons to reconstruct seep CO2 input into seawater DIC at Milne Bay, PNG(PDF 81KB)
15:10 M. Straticiuc New research facilities for atomic mass spectrometry and ion beam analysis at IFIN-HH(PDF 50KB)
15:30 J.C. McCallum New Microanalysis Capabilities at the Melbourne Pelletron(PDF 81KB)

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