Focus group programs

Proposed Programs for HIAS 2013 - please be aware that minor changes may still occur prior to the commencement of the symposium
Thurs 11:15 - 13:00Nuclear Structure
11:15 P.F. Mantica Laser spectroscopy at an in-flight production facility: BECOLA at NSCL(PDF 63KB)
11:45 T. Grahn Coulomb excitation of re-accelerated 208, 210Rn and 206Po beams(PDF 92KB)
12:05 A.B. Garnsworthy The SPICE detector at ISAC(PDF 50KB)
12:25 F. Pan The polynomial approach to the standard pairing model (PDF 67KB)
12:45 A. Petrovici Shape evolution and Gamow-Teller ß-decay of neutron-rich A~100 nuclei within beyond mean field approach(PDF 58KB)
Thurs 11:15 - 13:00Nuclear Reactions
11:15 K. Nishio In-beam fission study at JAEA(PDF 68KB)
11:45 G.N. Knyazheva Quasifission of superheavy composite systems with Z=110-116 in the 48Ca induced reactions with actinide targets(PDF 55KB)
12:05 J. Khuyagbaatar Study of fusion reactions forming the Cf nuclei(PDF 75KB)
12:25 S. Santra Fission fragment mass and angular distribution in 6,7Li+235, 238U reactions(PDF 80KB)
12:45 K. Ramachandran Fission Fragment mass distribution in 195Hg and 189Os(PDF 77KB)
Thurs 11:15 - 13:00AMS, Astrophysics & Accelerator Development/Instrumentation
11:15 P. Collon Accelerator Mass Spectrometry for nuclear astrophysics at Notre Dame(PDF 54KB)
11:45 S.G. Tims 239, 240Pu isotope measurements from soils around Maralinga(PDF 62KB)
12:05 W. Kretschmer Historical and climatological research in the Himalaya region by 14C AMS dating of wooden drill cores from historic buildings(PDF 65KB)
12:25 A. Zondervan Present performance of the 10Be/14C/26Al AMS system at GNS Science and modeling how 10Be beam transport can be improved(PDF 75KB)
12:45 K.J. Cook Developing new methods to investigate nuclear physics input to the cosmological lithium problem(PDF 72KB)

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