Proposed Program for HIAS 2014 - please be aware that minor changes may still occur prior to the commencement of the symposium. Download the Full Program with abstracts (PDF 20.2MB)
13:20 - 14:15 (Mon) and 13:00 - 14:00 (Tues)                 Poster Session
Yu-Jie Ma Ion Track Analysis in Swift Heavy Ion Irradiated KTP(PDF 745KB)
Allina Nadzri SAXS study on the morphology of etched ion tracks in apatite(PDF 9KB)
Huda Alkhaldi Ion irradiation induced porosity in Germanium(PDF 8KB)
Ruixing Feng Atomic structure and Electrical Property Study on Indium implanted Germanium (PDF 9KB)
Sankha Hota Possible observation of a high-spin K-isomer in 184Hf via γ-ray spectroscopy (PDF 68KB)
Matthew Reed The progression into triaxiality in neutron-rich rhenium isotopes (PDF 20KB)
Gregory Lane Solenogam - A novel spectrometer for characterising isomeric states (PDF 10KB)
Mario De Cesare AMS and ICP-MS for actinides and 137Cs results around a Nuclear Power Plant (PDF 8KB)
Mario De Cesare Study of 236U/238U ratio at CIRCE using a 16-strip silicon detector with a TOF system (PDF 90KB)
Stephen Tims Development of a new isotope-cycling system for the 14UD accelerator (PDF 7KB)
Anton Wallner Fingerprints of stellar nucleosynthesis revealed by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at the ANU(PDF 9KB)
Kaitlin Cook Breakup following interactions with light targets: Investigating new methods to probe nuclear physics input to the cosmological lithium problem(PDF 71KB)
Huy Luong Predominance of nucleon transfer in sub-barrier reactions of the weakly-bound 7Li and 9Be(PDF 82KB)
Dongyun Jeung Dynamical approach to heavy ion-induced fission(PDF 50KB)
Ian Carter An ion beam tracking system based on a parallel plate avalanche counter(PDF 51KB)
Dominic Rafferty Investigating energy dissipation through nucleon transfer reactions(PDF 81KB)

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